We at Advocare+ have the expertise and enthusiasm to work through the competing issues and ensure that both partners reach their main objectives, get key partners on board early, and keep the transaction on track. 

With over $8,000,000 of transactional experience the past ten years, Advocare+ has the expertise and experience to manage all aspects of your joint-venture/private placement security offering along side your attorney or we can engage with our attorneys to manage the whole process. 

And fees are set in advance, no hidden costs or surprises and no ownership or on-going management required.   

whether it is a short term project to manage a valuation or A BRAND NEW start-up venture -

give us a call  Today and hear how 

we can save you money 

while getting the deal done.

There are many obstacles in building and maintaining a successful joint venture between a hospital/healthcare system and physicians including:

1) Lack of understanding or motivation from one or both sides;

2) Culture differences with operational approaches;

3) Varying IT requirements and payor reimbursement structure; and

4) Conflicting regulatory requirements and physical space needs. 

Perhaps the largest challenge is at the core of what a joint-venture is about, that is this -

the challenge to create a subsidiary or separate business with a partner that is in the same industry or marketspace.

“ Joint Ventures and Alliances can deliver more shareholder value than Mergers and Acquisitions can, but getting them off the ground can trip you up in unpredictable ways”    --- Harvard Business Review


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